Baltic Sea peoples Indigenous Court (BSIC)

Baltic Sea peoples Indigenous Court (BSIC) uses common law.

Manual  The Common Law Courts BSIC manual


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Baltic Sea Indigenous Court

Trial evidence and Court proceedings are gathered on Youtube chanels RadioactiveBSR and FreeLatvia




Kopu tiesību tradīcijas Krievvalodīgajās zemēs

Суды копные — так назывались в зап. и юго-зап. Руси древние народные суды сельских общин. Каждая сельская община имела свое народное собрание (копа или купа, громада, великая громада). 

Romas tiesību uzspiešana Lietuvas impērijas laikā. Ang

Little is known about the Lithuanian law before the fifteenth century. It consisted of local customs which varied greatly from one part of the country to another. Nobody had ever put these local customs into writing. As the Lithuanian state grew, absorbing a large number of Ruthenian 2 principalities, the Lithuanians did not try to impose their own laws and customs upon these areas. It was a set policy of the Lithuanian rulers of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries to change as little as possible in the life of the annexed lands. Usually, the native prince of the House of Rurik was replaced by a Lithuanian prince of the House of Gediminas, and the central cities were garrisoned by Lithuanian troops. Otherwise, everything remained as of old.