Godland / Godzeme

Ditta of Godland has proclaimed indigenous world order over-state called Godland and has emited a quadrillion Baltic Indigenous Runes (1 miljon miljon miljon miljon, Yotta) for the needs of indigenous peoples of mother Earth. Proclamation of Godland is a consequence of the corporate nuclear war economy slavery shadow over-state called New World Order fooling the nations to dismantle the national states they created to protect themselves and indigenous people – protectors of sacred culture of Love, Peace and Understanding.


Since 10.6.17 Godland is a diarchy as Ditta of Godland on that day crowned Leif Erlingsson to be the diarch of Godland, to rule the overstate in diarchy with Leif of Godland. Furthermore Leif Erlingsson proclaimed himself to be Monarch of State Sweden on 8.9.17 and was officially introduced by Ditta of Godland in the event pretending to be Swedish court of Land and Environment in the presence of around 120 professionals of hearings on final nuclear waste repository proceedings   http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/

 Laimas tiesa

Godzemes Ditta ir Godzemes ķonna/ķoniņiene kas ir proklamējusi pamatiedzīvotāju vispasaules kārtības virs-valsti un ir emitējusi kvadriljonu (1 miljons miljonu miljonu miljonu, Yotta) Baltijas IRu pamatiedzīvotāju dzimtu un  Tautu vajadzībām. Šīs proklamācijas ir veiktas angliski. Dokumenti rodami lejuplādei

ITCCS (www.itccs.org), BSIC (www.bsrrw.org ) un ICNJ (www.nuclearjustice.org) tiesu pavēste kara ekonomikas korporācijām

Common Law Corporation Indigenous Decentralisation Warrant

Godzemes / Godland proklamācija

Dittas proclamation of Godland

Pamatiedzīvotāju veiktas decentralizācijas pamatnostādnes

Indigenous Decentralisation

In English. Find oxa checks here, and statutes of Indigenous Human World Order Bank of Godland  https://loveorder.wordpress.com/bsicourt/      How to fill WIR-bull coins video https://youtu.be/I5z3HTL9a_w        How to saw WIR-bull coins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRBK-hYmFpc 

Po ruski.   Kak zapolnjatj  WIR-bull  оха монеты https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxwkRWKW6io            Дитта Богоземов стругает оха монеты на переход к подарочной економике ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsbiUhnFRY4&t=1283s

Angliski.  Indigenous Human World Order Court of Godland statutes, The Rights of Godlanders  https://loveorder.wordpress.com/blog/